In-house Training Programs

Four walls, Put them together and most would say it’s a structure that restricts you from seeing what lies beyond. We prefer to look at it more as an invitation to explore the place it embraces. This insight guides the design of our in-house training and development initiative, keeping experiential learning intrinsic to each of the programmes.

As a result, we offer a large number of developmental programs that overcome the constraints of an indoor training environment and turn learning into a fun experience.

We offer Active Participation Training (APT) modules – A hugely popular set of workshops that tackle issues like communication, negotiating skills, interviewing techniques, customer care etc. through customisable programmes. The APT modules helps to facilitate a productive environment within the organization and results in effective delivery.
Out Door Training

Outbound Training has long been identified as being part of the field of experiential education and uses an experiential approach to both personal and professional growth. The term outdoor education has been used in a variety of contexts to describe a range of experiences and during the last decade there has been tremendous growth in outdoor education due to its effectiveness.

In our residential outdoor training programs, participants live away from home and workplace and are involved in the program 24 hours a day. The programs take place in novel, predominantly natural environments that are quite distinct from participants’ typical home or work environments. The outdoor experience is a key condition for activities to become learning experiences; the unfamiliar environment facilitates participants in developing new perspectives about themselves and their normal environments
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